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Visits & Meetings

Since being awarded a seat on the WePROTECT Global Alliance Board, the VGT has participated in several teleconferences and meetings in London. To find out more about the October 2016 Meeting, click here
To read more about the We Protect Global Alliance, click here.


Biannual VGT Board of Management Meetings:

Every year, the VGT Secretariat is responsible for organizing two meetings which are hosted by Member Countries. The meetings present opportunities to plan for collaborative undercover operations, and capability and capacity building projects, in addition to discussing trends and recent threats in online child sexual exploitation and research opportunities.
The meetings have also allowed for increased collaborative and cooperative opportunity among the Member Countries and Private Sector Members. The Private Sector Members are able to demonstrate their pro-active commitment to child protection through their developments in technological solutions, trainings for law enforcement, aids in investigations through the use of new investigative tools and software, best interest of the child through forensic interviewing and victim care.

If you know about a child who is in immediate danger or risk, call your local emergency number or police. Click the Report Abuse button to report online child sexual exploitation to your local police.