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VGT Strategic Goals

Using the 4P strategic framework, VGT members – supported by NGOs and industry – will deliver a program of coordinated international law enforcement activity to address the following goals:


Pursue those who sexually exploit and abuse children by:

  1. enhancing operational collaboration between VGT members to disrupt and apprehend child sex offenders;
  2. enhancing international offender management activity, initiatives and data sharing.


Prevent people becoming involved in child sexual exploitation and abuse by coordinating law enforcement activity to:

  1. raise awareness of the reality, impact and consequences of committing such offences;
  2. deliver online deterrence activity to stop people being drawn into the crime.


Protect children from sexual exploitation and abuse by:

  1. increasing the number of children identified and located;
  2. implementing or developing appropriate educational products for children, young people, parents, careers and practitioners;
  3. supporting the private sector to improve its protective security by sharing intelligence on the threat to children from sexual exploitation and abuse.


Prepare interventions to reduce the impact of child sexual exploitation and abuse through safeguarding and child protection work by:

  1. developing and delivering capacity and capability programs for law enforcement in priority countries;
  2. sharing intelligence tools and technical capabilities across VGT members to enhance the detection and risk assessment of suspects and victims;
  3. developing and implementing strategies and policies to ensure the welfare of the child is always the focus of a law enforcement investigation.

If you know about a child who is in immediate danger or risk,

Call your local emergency number or police.