Report Abuse

Awareness messages for the public

  1. If a child is in immediate danger, you should contact local police immediately.
  2. People should embrace the benefits of the Internet, but also be aware of the risks. We all share responsibility to ensure our children are safe in the online world. Parents, teachers, carers and children themselves need to be aware of the dangers of the internet.
  3. Grooming may turn into extortion, motivated by sexual interest in which sexually explicit materials (sexual information or images) are primarily used to extort more material of that kind or sexual favours from the victim, including meeting in an offline environment. This may require more careful attention from parents, caretakers, and educators.
  4. Possible signs that a child might be being groomed or sexually extorted online include: excessive use of the computer, aggression around computer usage, secretive behaviours, change in the use of sexual language, unexplained gifts or cash and finding child abuse material on the computer.
  5. The following situations may be indications of travelling child sex offending
    1. Someone isolates himself/herself with a local child, e.g. in a hotel room or a (private) apartment.
    2. Someone offers a child or young person for sex.
    3. Someone is looking for sexual services of children or young people.
    4. A hotel or organisation allows child abuse on its premises or via the company.
    5. Someone abuses a child through a foundation or organisation, e.g. an orphanage or school.
    6. Someone talks about his or her sexual experience with a child abroad.

For further safety tips you can visit

If you know about a child who is in immediate danger or risk,

Call your local emergency number or police.