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INHOPE Announces new Advisory Board

The International Association of Internet Hotlines has named initial members to its new Advisory Board. The board will serve the non-governmental organization in its mission to respond to reports of illegal content online and help deliver on its commitment to stamp out child sexual abuse from the Internet.


The new Advisory Board which will convene in mid-September will “help establish INHOPE as a world-leading and trusted body for hotlines such as future-proofing INHOPE beyond 2015 by positioning the Association as relevant, effective and accountable in its global mission (…)“, said Executive Director Russell Chadwick.


Online child sexual exploitation is likely to rise in the coming years, with ever-increasing Internet adoption rates globally. Through its Advisory Board, INHOPE will be using a multi-stakeholder approach and engaging with high-level experts from academia, industry, law enforcement and civil society, “giving INHOPE access to a broader pool of talent and ultimately strengthening the governance of the organization and enhancing its strategic foresight in this fast-moving world.“


Nine representatives have been handpicked for their knowledge, dedication to a safer world for children and ability to ensure growth in their own businesses and respective organizations. From law enforcement, high-tech giants to renowned child rights advocates, they will all bring a wide depth of expertise, while providing INHOPE with future-oriented advice and a fresh 360˚ view on threats, challenges and opportunities.


The representatives include, by alphabetical order:

Vic Baines, Trust and Safety EMEA, Facebook

Jacqueline Beauchere, Chief Online Safety Officer, Microsoft

John Carr, Senior Expert Adviser, ECPAT International

Sabine Frank, Policy Counsel, Google

Paul Gillen, Head of Operations, European Cybercrime Centre, EUROPOL

Del Harvey, Head of Safety, Twitter

Lars Lööf, Psychologist and Adviser to the European Commission Safer Internet Programme on risk prevention and trauma

Michael Moran, Assistant Director, Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Sub-Directorate, Interpol

Lynette Owens, Global Director, Internet Safety for Kids & Families, TrendMicro

If you know about a child who is in immediate danger or risk,

Call your local emergency number or police.