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Board of Management

Ben Van Mierlo

Dutch National Police
National Coordinator for Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Travelling Child Sex Offenders

Ben van Mierlo has been working for the Dutch Police in different fields of work, most recently as Divisional Commander. Over the past 38 years, he has gained extensive operational and leadership experience in law enforcement, especially in criminal investigations and cybercrime – in which child pornography and sexual offense cases are playing an increasingly dominant role. These offenses have a major impact on the personal integrity of children – a very vulnerable group in our society. The emergence of the internet has made international cooperation and coordination in the fight against child pornography and exploitation more necessary than ever. It is Chief Superintendent Ben van Mierlo ambition to facilitate and strengthen this cooperation in the years to come.

For the last six years, Ben has been working as the National Coordinator for the Online Child Sexual Exploitation and  Travelling Child Sex Offenders in cooperation with the Public Prosecutor’s Office and under the guidance of the responsible Chief Constable, Ben is responsible for all operations in this area in the Netherlands.

Ben holds a Master’s degree in Strategic Leadership from Stirling University (Scotland). He has been a teacher at the Police Staff College and has been working within the Dutch police since 1980.


Superintendent – Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Officer in Charge – Canadian Police Centre for Missing and Exploited Children/Behavioural Sciences Branch

Chief Superintendent Marie-Claude Arsenault has been a member of the RCMP for 30 years. She started her career in the province of Newfoundland. She then worked in various Federal Policing units in the Greater Toronto Area where she gained experience investigating trans-national serious and organized crime cases. After 10 years, she moved to Cornwall, Ontario where she became responsible for the Central St-Lawrence Valley integrated intelligence unit which was comprised of Canadian and US law enforcement agencies. She truly enjoyed working in a team with diverse backgrounds and build the first co-located Canada/US law enforcement unit.

For the next 5 years, Supt. Arsenault was the RCMP National Human Trafficking Coordinator responsible for the Human Trafficking National Coordination Centre. In that role, she became an active member of the Interpol Task Force on Human Trafficking. She participated in several Human Trafficking capacity building/missions in Cambodia and West African countries. She also oversaw the development of the RCMP National Human Trafficking Strategy.

C/Supt.  Arsenault was then transferred to National Intelligence for the development of the new RCMP National Intelligence Coordination Centre (NICC). As a new Inspector, she was responsible for the RCMP National Intelligence Priorities and the Cyber team at the NICC. She was later promoted to the rank of Superintendent and became the director of the NICC. In that role, she had the opportunity to lead national and international operational intelligence projects identified as priorities for the RCMP.

In 2017, Supt. Arsenault assumed the duties of Officer in Charge of The Canadian Police Centre for Missing and Exploited Children/Behavioural Sciences Branch.

C/Supt. Arsenault is married and has two wonderful children who are both currently in University.

Uri Sadeh, Adv. MSc 

Coordinator, Crimes against Children Unit, INTERPOL

Born in Jerusalem, Uri studied Architecture at the Technion Institution of Technology in Haifa, before changing course and obtaining his Law degree from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

As a lawyer, Uri worked on various human rights topics in Israel, finally specializing in trafficking in human beings. He has worked closely with parliament, government and law enforcement, as well as bringing principal trafficking cases before the courts.

In 2007, following completion of a master degree in Human Rights at the London school of Economics, Uri joined INTERPOL’s Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Sub-Directorate and became involved in the field of child sexual exploitation. He served as a Criminal Intelligence Analyst and Project Manager in the Child Exploitation team, and later as Coordinator for Services Development. Over his years with the organization Uri has managed the development and expansion of INTERPOL’s International Child Sexual Exploitation database (ICSE), as well as other initiatives and projects evolving around CSE.

Late 2014 Uri went on a leave of absence from Interpol in order to join the Israel National Police and promote the creation of an Online Crimes against Children section within it. For two years he headed the crimes against children investigation team within the national Cybercrime unit, while in parallel progressing the creation of a National ICAC unit, as part of an Inter-Ministerial committee set up for this cause. Late 2016 the new National Center for Online Child Protection was inaugurated and Uri went on to head its Online Child Sexual Exploitation Investigations team.

In January 2019, Uri returned to INTERPOL as Coordinator of the Crimes against Children Unit.

Stephanie L. Hampton

Deputy Assistant Director
Homeland Security Investigations U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement


Tim Anderson

National Manager Criminal Investigations Group, Detective Superintendent, New Zealand Police

Tim Anderson is a Detective Superintendent based in PNHQ with the responsibility for the investigation and oversight of serious crime across New Zealand. Tim has previously relieved as the District Commander in BOP, Auckland City and Southern Districts. He is the lead security adviser to the NZ Olympic Committee in their preparation for the Olympic games in Rio this August and has previously deployed to the Delhi  and Glasgow Commonwealth Games in a Police liaison role. As a trained Personal Protection Officer Tim was part of the operational security planning team prior to APEC and CHOGM held in Auckland in 1999.

Prior to joining Police Tim worked as a professional maritime diver. He has held a range of appointments across Auckland and BOP-  including work as a Prosecutor and Detective Sergeant in charge of serious crime squads during which he led investigation teams over a variety of offences such as homicide, child sexual abuse, aggravated robberies, kidnappings, and drug dealing. As a Senior Sergeant, Tim managed Police prosecution offices in Auckland. In 2008 he moved to Rotorua where he has had significant experience in serious crime investigation and the covert side of investigating organised crime (with a focus on proceeds on crime). He was previously the Crime Manager in the BOP for four years and has an intense interest in resolving unsolved historic homicide cases and has recently presented at the “unsolved homicide” symposium held in Sydney.

Tim holds a Bachelor of laws degree with honours from the School of Law, Auckland University and has a strong interest in law reform that targets organised crime offenders and child sex offenders.

Lt. Colonel Dana Humaid Almarzooqi

 Ministry of Interior for the United Arab Emirates

Lt. Colonel Dana Humaid Almarzooqi is a representative of the Ministry of Interior in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and works with several international boards such as the International Security Alliance (ISA), the Virtual Global Taskforce (VGT) and the WePROTECT Global Alliance International Advisory Board. She is a government enthusiast and is passionate about combating crimes against vulnerable people and the community. Lt. Colonel Dana has contributed to child rights and protection legislations and policy development in the UAE.


Lt. Colonel Dana also oversees multiple international projects and programs and participates in several international committees.


She was the UAE representative in the Child Dignity in the Digital World Congress in the Vatican. In 2018, she also led on the Interfaith Alliance for Safer Communities: Child Dignity in the Digital World Forum in Abu Dhabi.

Jamie Strauss

Commander Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation, Child Protection Operations and Human Trafficking, Australian Federal Police

Following an extensive 17 year career with the Western Australia Police Service (WAPS), Commander Strauss joined the AFP in 2002 and has had significant exposure to a range of portfolios both nationally and on an international scale over the past 18 years.

Commander Strauss has held various positions within the AFP including Queensland State Manager, Western Australia State Manager, and Manager South East Asia (MSEA).

As MSEA, he had responsibility for AFP posts in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Brunei, working collaboratively with partners to combat transnational crime.

Commander Strauss has also completed the International Management of Serious Crime Program in Singapore.

Commander Strauss was appointed to his current position of Commander for the ACCE, CPO & HT in June 2020.

Keith Niven

Deputy Director at CEOP

Keith Niven

Keith Niven is the Deputy Director at CEOP. Prior to joining the National Crime Agency he served in the Metropolitan Police Service for 31 and a half years. During his time there he spent 15 years in the Homicide and Major Crime Command where he investigated the murder of Victoria Climbie and led a number of high profile murder enquiries abroad. For 4 and a half years he was Head of the Child Abuse and Rape Command as well as leading the MPS and national response to FGM. Keith was awarded the Queen’s Policing Medal in the 2016 New Year’s Honours list. He joined the NCA’s CEOP Command in May 2016 as Head of Safeguarding ; responsible for Child Protection, Education, Missing Children and Missing Person’s teams. Keith was appointed as Deputy Director for CEOP Command in January 2017.

Cathal Delaney

Head of European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) – Europol

Mr. Cathal Delaney is the Head of Team for Analysis Project Twins at Europol. This team deals with child sexual exploitation online and offline related crimes affecting more than one EU Member State. He has worked at Europol since 2013 and in this crime area since 2003. A member of An Garda Siochana, the Republic Of Ireland’s national police agency, he is currently on special leave from there while working at Europol.



Julio Cesar Gonzalez Bedoya

Brigadier General, National Police of Colombia
Director of Protection and Special Services – National Police Colombia

Brigadier General Julio César González Bedoya, was born in Bogotá, Colombia on September 26, 1968, He is considered by those who know him as an innate, purposeful and charismatic leader, with humility and has served to the Colombian National police for 30 years. During this time, he has been in charge of ensuring the welfare of the Colombian people and his subordinates at the National Police.

He joined the Police Cadet School “General Francisco de Paula Santander”, on January 17, 1987 and graduated as a second lieutenant on November 1, 1989, within the Promotion course 59, Brigadier General Valdemar Franklin Quintero.
He began his career as a second lieutenant in the Metropolitan Police of Bogota, and later, took a course in criminalistics. In 1992, as a lieutenant, he commanded a special group of the Criminal Investigation Section, standing out as an excellent officer. His knowledge in the Anti-Narcotics Department leaving a mark with his vigor and interest to carry out the institutional projects, later from the School of Criminal Investigation his knowledge allowed him to train young police newcomers.

In the rank of Major, became commander of the Tolima Police department, helping to improve citizen security, reason why He was proposed for a commission abroad in Europe.

As Lieutenant Colonel was commander of the Chocó Police Department, and also was part of the Police Intelligence Directorate. Then after he returned to the investigation line at the Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Interpol. In the rank of Colonel, as a reward for his arduous work he was proposed for a commission in Sweden and then He was nominated as a police attaché in Chile, where the image of the Colombian National Police was improved due to his excellent police service.

After being in Chile he had the great honor of being nominated as the Head of the Protection Group of the Colombian Congress, which is undoubtedly one of the charges that made an impeccable resume of his police carrier.
Within his professional training, he has an undergraduate degree in Police Administration, a course in the Secondary Identification of Aircraft with the FBI in United States Department of Justice, a Computer Crime Course with the Department of Justice Federal Bureau in 2002, a Criminal Justice course with the University of Virginia in 2009 and a Cyber Terrorism Investigation Unit course with the in the United States respectively. His excellent performance at the Colombian National Police has been recognized with 39 medals, and 163 public compliments.

Cheol-goo Lee

Korean National Police Agency (KNPA)
Director General, Cyber Bureau


Cheol-goo Lee, Senior Superintendent General of Police, is the head of the KNPA’s Cyber Bureau, the headquarters of more than 1,660 Korean cybercrime investigators, researchers and digital forensic examiners nationwide.

He joined the KNPA in 1988 as an Inspector, and has been serving his country for 30 years. Director General Lee’s previous posts include the following: Deputy Director General of Investigation (KNPA) ; Director General of Forensic Investigation Center (KNPA) ; Director General of Department 2 (Jeonnam Provincial Police Agency) ; Director of Investigation Department (Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency)

Cheol-goo Lee, Senior Superintendent General of Police, is the head of the KNPA’s Cyber Bureau, the headquarters of more than 1,660 Korean cybercrime investigators, researchers and digital forensic examiners nationwide.


He joined the KNPA in 1988 as an Inspector, and has been serving his country for 30 years. Director General Lee’s previous posts include the following: Deputy Director General of Investigation (KNPA) ; Director General of Forensic Investigation Center (KNPA) ; Director General of Department 2 (Jeonnam Provincial Police Agency) ; Director of Investigation Department (Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency).

Between the year of 2014 and 2017 he was stationed in Tokyo as a residential police attaché.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in law at the Korean National Police University and a master’s degree in law from Bae-jae University.


Commissioner – Federal Office of Police
Head of the Cybercrime Coordination Unit Switzerland

Reczon Tito T Acabado

Police Senior Superintendent- Philippine National Police
Director, PNP Anti-Cybercrime Group

PSSUPT ACABADO is an experienced Police Officer with a strong dedication in law enforcement and with expertise that spans across the fields of investigation, intelligence, operations, and community relations. He is one of the main proponents of the PNP’s Cyber Security programs and holds numerous Cyber Security Qualifications and Trainings from Europe, Asia and the United States.

He was assigned as the Regional Chiefs of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Units of Cordillera and Bicol Regions from 2011 to 2013. He was later designated as the Chief of the Information Operations and Research Center in 2014 wherein he spearheaded the successful Inter-Agency Fusion Centers of the Synchronized Communications Group during the APEC Meetings in 2015 and the recent National and Local Elections in the Philippines. His commitment to the craft contributed to the overall achievement of the PNP and the country on these International events.

Likewise, he has a great understanding and appreciation of making a difference for the future of cyber security innovations to sustain an aggressive, rigorous, and resilient campaign.

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