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What is the VGT

An international collaboration of law enforcement agencies, non-government organizations and industry partners to protect children from online and offline sexual exploitation.

A novel concept and approach to law enforcement, the VGT has structured its foundation on progressive global tenets and technology that parallels the evolution of the Internet. Within this structure, and unlike traditional taskforces, the VGT strives to protect children and support its Members in globally pursuing strategic investigations of online and offline child sexual exploitation.

Each Member represents the transborder law enforcement aspects of its territory of the world, not as diplomatic representatives of its government, but as law enforcement colleagues, dedicated to the belief that all children deserve protection from the dangers posed by use of the Internet to sexually exploit children in the real world and that this protection is often only achieved by global, not merely national, methods. Moreover, each Participant, as an organization, represents an established and demonstrable commitment to ethics, integrity, and the highest professional standards.

If you know about a child who is in immediate danger or risk,

Call your local emergency number or police.