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Name & Logo

The VGT logo reaffirms the VGT’s purpose that the child is the key focus of the VGT and the eye is always roaming the internet, across international borders, watching over our children to keep them safe online.



The VGT was established in 2003, with founding members AFP, RCMP, INTERPOL, ITALY, US-HSI, CEOP. It has now grown to include to include 13 Country Members and many Private Sector Members.



It was the first international law enforcement taskforce in the area of online child sexual exploitation.  In the early years of the VGT, focus was placed on raising country level awareness on the issues of online child sexual exploitation.  There was an emphasis on “getting the word out” about the VGT,  increasing our profile on the Internet, and on raising the level of awareness that citizens globally had in terms of this form of criminality.  As years have progressed, we have been able to change our focus to more operationally relevant projects demonstrating international leadership in the area of online child sexual exploitation. One of our key areas of focus continues to be the health and wellness of online child sexual exploitation police personnel.



Our vision is to reduce the global threat from, and vulnerability of children to, online and offline sexual exploitation and abuse and other forms of transnational child sexual offending.  



Our mission is to safeguard children from online sexual exploitation and abuse, and other forms of transnational child sexual exploitation through innovative, collaborative global law enforcement strategies.



Our objectives are to:


  1. Make the Internet a safer place
  2. Identify and locate children at risk
  3. Hold offenders to account



Over the past several years, several other taskforces and alliances have been developed in the area of online child sexual exploitation, however the VGT remains to be the sole law enforcement focused entity and is often consulted by other agencies to ensure other organizational initiatives are aligned with law enforcement priorities.

If you know about a child who is in immediate danger or risk,

Call your local emergency number or police.